How do I promote my Business today?

New website check, finally check!  (feel free to visit it, I need all the input I can get: I’m working on new marketing material (business cards & marketing material). The other day I was talking to a friend,college and mentor about a targeted marketing idea of going to different vineyards in the VA/MD region. We are still working out the details.

While talking we discussed the relevance of email marketing promotions that people can sign up for, and I think that promo mailings are the one place that email has no business. Both he and I have tried at least one of the email marketing companies, with very little return on our investment, and with no success. We have both read the same articles about creative directors and art directors tossing out any emails promotions that just pour into their in-boxes ( I’m not saying that it does not work for some people, but for me now it is simply not effective. The question remains, how do I promote my business today? As it stands the most effective is being referred by a good friend to a new client. So it seems that the best online tools tool to reach out and touch some one may be Facebook and Linked-In.

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