It’s official I’m starting back up!!!!​

Sully headshot low rez

Where have I been?
During my break from full-time photography, I photographed events at U.S. Embassies on two continents, taught a dozen or so photography students and a class at a TEDx, worked with the Wounded Warriors on a trip in Costa Rica, traveled extensively, worked at two Embassies full time, and my wife and I had our first child! With our son entering school shortly, I am diving head first into working again.

What is new this time?
In addition to commercial photography, my focus now includes; shooting stock video and selling prints of some of my past and future work. If you visit my old site, you will be redirected to The site looks the same for now but more is coming soon. My new company is formally named RA Sullivan Creative, LLC.

I’m excited to get back to work and excited for round 2 of my career! My plan is to keep working no matter where I end up over the next few years in some capacity. You can plan on regular updates at least twice a month going forward.

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