Lots of equipment does ≠ A great Photographer​

For the past 5 years, I have used little more than a camera and lens with the occasional tripod or flash and a computer.

You can’t buy your way into this career, gear is needed but too much of it often gets in the way of the work. Having the money to buy only the best; strobes or LED lights, the best cameras, and lenses does not create a single photo, it just adds to your toolbox.

I have done entire commercial shoots with a flash, a bounce card, a camera, and sync cord. The needs of the work dictate the equipment need. Just keeping this in mind keeps you from being a “gear whore”.

If your photography suffers from lack of equipment consider renting the equipment from a rental house such as Borrow Lenses, or Rent Glass.  Most of the time you will find you need a specialized piece of equipment that you will only use a few times a year, rent and bill it to the client when possible.  I recently rented a new camera as my primary camera is getting older. Clients are happier to know you are taking professional measures to take care of them. I have rented equipment for loads of jobs and clients always understand.

What is needed:

  • above all else, the willingness to experiment
  • you must have a camera; DSLR, cellphone or only film camera
  • (Optional but you really should) have a tripod of some kind.

Rule #1 Filling the frame is far more important than a “full-frame” camera.

That is it, now get out and take photos, learn, experiment, dive into this as a hobby, a passion, a business,  just get taking photos!

Visit my Etsy site or my website if you want to see more of my work www.rasullivancreative.com

Talk soon -Sully

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