The “Grind”

First off, I am NOT complaining about my journey, it is part of my story, and I learned from my journey as I hope you take away something from this too….

This is my actual story.


It was a struggle at times when business was slow as well as challenging, in its own way it was also loads of fun because of the difficulties. In short, I lived to work.

I photographed models, houses, cars, worked for trade, weddings, worked a full-time photo job at a high production studio, trade for “advertisement” worked as an assistant to other photographers and took photos of lots and lots of shoes. I would take photos of anything with pay attached to it.

How did I do it? I survived on a vegetarian diet, had up to 4 roommates at a time and put ALL of my money and energy into making my business work. I built photographic tools rather than buying whenever possible, did without an extensive social life, vacations, meat, flashy car that worked all the time, but most of all I worked at all hours of the day, did odd jobs when short of cash for rent, I did what I had to do. I even went on marathon work weeks putting in more than 100 hours at times! Proudly, I was happily scrappy working all the while on my way to my goal.

This go-around is different as are my priorities, I have a son a wife a dog and am obviously older and maybe even wiser, though I doubt it. I’m in a position I need to diversify my search for anything that might work. Right now the tools I am using are Etsy, Thumbtack, Indeed Jobs, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. While I am attempting to do a side “hustle” (I seriously hope it works as it would bring a note of stability to the current situation) I am also working to get a Part 107 FAA license to legally fly my drone commercially. So I basically don’t have downtime.

Stay tuned for some awesome news about my journey!

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