Things are developing!

Recalling my first photography class- The magic of taking exposed film into the film changing room, losing my sense of place the sense of where the film was, the spool, did the lid snap closed as it should,.

Then mixing a witch’s brew of chemicals and water, taking temperature checking and rechecking directions and development charts, all the while anticipating failure. The anticipation turned to excitement as I popped the lid open to do the final wash of film… This time it worked! After much practice in college and after developing film by hand became a near ritual act.

So it is back to my old friend and favorite film, Ilford HP4 and a new one, Catslab 320 Pro. While I fully understand the “contrast” between the superior media of photography (digital) I do miss having the process of shooting and processing film. Finding the balance of light for the chosen emulsion and the desired technique and labor of developing film can’t be replaced. Shooting and processing film slows the process down. There is an ownership of the work that is, at it’s core, just different. There is a sense of how precious each frame is since they are literally numbered. This removes the technique of “spray and pray” photography that is so easy to fall victim to.

Below are my new-to-me 120mm Kiev-88, 2 Салют-C and above the 35mm Praktica LTL with my first Zeiss lenses! If you are not into cameras Zeiss lenses are one of the top quality glass lenses in the world.

I can’t describe how excited I am to get back to developing film. It is very possible that the end of the film is coming but, I can’t wait to teach my son how to take photos and develop his first rolls of film.

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