A bit rusty but,…

Proof that I am a bit out of practice, exposures all over the place processing is not spot on. Also a good test of my new cameras. Four rolls were shot and 4 rolls were processed (2 rolls of 120mm and 2 rolls of 35mm). turns out the 50+ year old light meter in one of the cameras doesn’t work great. It has only been about 20 years+ since I last processed my own film and mostly was a success.

Hotel Uzbekistan

With digital cameras, it is very easy to get used to being able to see the shot right after taking it, changing ISO on the fly, and much more. Scanning still needs a lot of work for larger images in the computer but this is a good start.

Under street pedestrian walkway called a "Peri-hod" проход

I see some light leaks and scratches on the film that need to be fixed on the Praktica LTL.

Processing needs to be tightened up and is where my lack of practice really shows. I need to practice loading film on the reels as I had a few bends in the film that touched in the processing not allowing parts of the film to develope. Other errors include remembering what ISO I had set the film to when metering. I had shot the first roll of 35mm film set to ISO 320 and the second roll at ISO 200, a rookie mistake trying to split the difference in processing time to get both to turn out… didn’t work for both. Not surprising but it was a mistake from the start.

All in all this was a great first revisit to shooting film, very much enjoyed the slow roll down memory lane.

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