I had to shoot my way in…

During the 5 year pause of my career, I made an average of 8,000 photographs per year versus while I was working professionally the previous years I was averaging 20,000 photographs a year. Out of all of those photos, you will only see my favorite shots on my sites totaling less than 100 images! This … Continue reading I had to shoot my way in…


The Pheonix​ing… yea lets go with that.

Yes, I just "created" the verb "Pheonixing" meaning the act of rebirth,  I know it doesn't work really but it is the sentiment I am trying to convey (not in reference to the Australian laws regarding company executives dodging bills from creditors). Since I am beginning anew like the proverbial Pheonix I think it is … Continue reading The Pheonix​ing… yea lets go with that.

It’s official I’m starting back up!!!!​

Where have I been? During my break from full-time photography, I photographed events at U.S. Embassies on two continents, taught a dozen or so photography students and a class at a TEDx, worked with the Wounded Warriors on a trip in Costa Rica, traveled extensively, worked at two Embassies full time, and my wife and … Continue reading It’s official I’m starting back up!!!!​

My last photo walk in Islamabad Pakistan

Shortly before leaving Pakistan I was asked by two former students to go on a photowalk of a model village in Islamabad called "Said Pur Village". I feel very fortunate for the time I got to spend that afternoon just strolling around getting lost in the winding paths wedged between the houses. Most visitors who go to Said … Continue reading My last photo walk in Islamabad Pakistan

Our Mega Fantastic European whirlwind.

Below are a few photos from our time in France, Spain and Turkey. Still going through the 65GB I shot while on vacation. Hope to share some more soon. Street Musician on the Pont des Arts or Love Locks All images contained in this site are copyright of RA.Sullivan 2014. The Seine midday with graffiti All images … Continue reading Our Mega Fantastic European whirlwind.