Professional development

2012-10-26 09.54.47
The image of a warrior bravely taking on a challenge is an appropriate crest for me over the next few months. Another chapter of life & learning await.
What awaits…diving in deeper on shooting & editing video, audio mixing, and getting ready for my first move to a different country. On top of that  hopefully becoming fluent if not proficient (fluency is the preference) in another language.


Focus (the mental type)

During slow business periods keeping on task is paramount.

Time to get to it and stop complaining. Doing what you need to do, and getting over any anxiety.
Be naked and transparent and finally honest with yourself and your goals.
The absolute worse thing that can happen is hearing the word NO! Thats it!
Take a deep breath and realize that this is you finally not getting in your own way.

Back to School (Tango Class part 1)

Alexis and I have signed up for tango classes and are three weeks into the course. Still working on some of the beginning steps but we are getting much smoother. I know that we will dance beautifully, for now I look like I’m just learning to walk.
These classes give me access to the mindset I need to do this Tango project. But it also it makes for a great date night for Alexis and I. 🙂

Yo Tango!

The start of a new project is always exhilarating.  Falling in love with the music was the beginning of this current passion.

After a solid month of  submerging myself in the music and soon the lessons of the dance it’s self, I have started the story board of the shots.

My hope is to make this series into a show at the end of this year. I mayshoot a bit of video to display for during the show.

Please contact me if you know any experienced tango dancers, I am looking for both instructors and models for the photos.