Make a Splash, it’s fun!!!

I have not done the post on this image but it was wet and wild to make!


Back to School (Tango Class part 1)

Alexis and I have signed up for tango classes and are three weeks into the course. Still working on some of the beginning steps but we are getting much smoother. I know that we will dance beautifully, for now I look like I’m just learning to walk.
These classes give me access to the mindset I need to do this Tango project. But it also it makes for a great date night for Alexis and I. ūüôā

Yo Tango!

The start of a new project is always exhilarating.  Falling in love with the music was the beginning of this current passion.

After a solid month of ¬†submerging myself in the music and soon the lessons of the dance it’s self, I have started the story¬†board of the shots.

My hope is to make this series into a show at the end of this year. I mayshoot a bit of video to display for during the show.

Please contact me if you know any experienced tango dancers, I am looking for both instructors and models for the photos.

First ever RASPhoto real book shoot DONE!!!

First I would like to thank the academy for working with Nora all her hard work, research and long long nights of work. Alexis, her patience and support has been crucial to this success.
2110 Photos snapped!!! (plus a few production stills of behind the scenes).
It has been a marathon of shooting knitwear. Here is one of the many shots that will be in the book. The production layout is the next step in the process and Nora (the author and designer) is going to let me know when it’s in her hands. Publication still is not for another 10 months or so. Here is a sample of the work we did.




How do I promote my Business today?

New website check, finally check! ¬†(feel free to visit it, I need all the input I can get: I’m working on new marketing material (business cards & marketing material). The other day I was talking to a friend,college and mentor about a targeted marketing idea of going to different vineyards in the VA/MD region. We are still working out the details.

While talking we discussed the¬†relevance¬†of email marketing promotions that people can sign up for, and I think that promo mailings are the one place that email has no business. Both he and I have tried at least one of the email marketing companies, with very little return on our investment, and with no success. We have both read the same articles about creative directors and art directors tossing out any emails promotions that just pour into their in-boxes ( I’m not saying that it does not work for some people, but for me now it is simply not effective. The question remains, how do I promote my business today? As it stands the most effective is being referred by a good friend to a new client. So it seems that the best online tools tool to reach out and touch some one may be Facebook and Linked-In.

High Key figure study

high key #1
RA.Sullivan Photography 2010

I love just the atmosphere of high key lighting wrapping around like a blanket. For me it makes me feel warm and comforted. Even though this shoot was a figure study the lighting tells the story of waking up on a Saturday morning around 9 AM on a sunny summer day with the light streaming in, the smell of coffee in the air. There is something pure and serene with high key lighting.

I am still¬†contemplating¬†the “Refraction” story, and the lighting for it, I am still also looking for¬†volunteers.