The “Grind”

First off, I am NOT complaining about my journey, it is part of my story, and I learned from my journey as I hope you take away something from this too…. This is my actual story.

Finally part 2 – Capital Hill photo walk

What do you do with a rainy day? I go out and drink coffee eat pastries and, shoot photos! Here is a sampling of photos from this morning, feeling alive and happy after this one! All in all a great rainy day!

FINALLY, shooting for me!!!!

I'm finally getting a real opportunity to plan shoots and to go out and shoot for me. Fog, rain, and the approaching hurricane "Florance" I remain excited to get out and shoot. It really has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to wander and take photos, I am starting tomorrow morning … Continue reading FINALLY, shooting for me!!!!