I had to shoot my way in…

I had to shoot my way in… to this business. Every day my shot count went up and up and the ratio of what I though was worthy got smaller and smaller. Not because I didn’t make work that was worthy, I needed to make During the last few years, I made an average of 8,000 photographs in comparison with, while I was working professionally the previous years I was averaging 20,000 photographs a year.

Out of all of those photos, you will only see my favorite shots on my sites totaling less than 50 images.

This is why I say “I had to shoot my way in”-to this business. What running these numbers represents is that I make photographs as a core part of my being, my passion, and my meditation.

Even when I am not paid for my work, I want to create, I NEED to create. When I don’t have time to take photos I cook, brew beer build lego, build household items out of wood. Anything to keep making, creating or moving.

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